Bongs and Bubblers

The Yellow Smoke Shop is a smokers delight! Offering a wide variety of pipes and smoking accessories to meet your smoking needs.

Dabbing Rigs

Dabbling in dabs? Wax on, wax off with one of our concentrate pipes. Make the most of your honey, budder and shatter with a special dab bong.

Glass Pipes

Glass pipes are smoking devices that come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. Here at The Yellow Smoke Shop we only select the finest quality glass pipes from world renowned artists.


The Yellow Smoke Shop carries a wide variety of vaporizers! We feature a large number of desktop and portable vaporizers both online and in-store.


From plastic to high grade metal The Yellow Smoke Shop carries a wide variety of grinders. Pick your size, the material and the pieces. Shop the Brands like: Kannastor, Sharpstone, Sabertooth and several more. Don't forget to browse the presses to compact the freshly ground herb.

Rolling Papers and Supplies

Rolling papers are special papers that are used to roll tobacco cigarettes and joints. Here at The Yellow Smoke Shop we have many brands and varieties of rolling papers and blunt wraps for sale.


Dugouts are a great way to smoke on the go. Dug out wooden boxes are virtually indestructible, and small enough to fit into most any pocket, purse, etc.

Ash Catchers and Reclaimers

You have a beautiful bong, but need some additional filtration. Ash catchers are the solution for you.


To compliment our high-quality pipes, we offer a huge selection of smoking accessories to meet all your needs.


We cary a huge selection of high quality detox & novelty products! THE YELLOW SMOKE SHOP offers a large selection of detox and novelty products including; detox drinks, capsule programs, synthetic urine, mouthwash, shampoo, and test kits.

Incense & Deodorizers

High Quality Incense, Deodorizers, and Accessories. The Yellow Smoke shop carries a variety of traditional fragrant incense, deodorizers and incense holders


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